Friday 8 July 2016

What you’re going to miss if you haven’t watched SULTAN yet

Records have been broken. History has been created. If you are still in two minds, we give you 5 reasons to make, SULTAN on your watch list THIS weekend.

Power couple: This is the first time Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma have teamed up for a movie. There is a Haryanvi Sherni for a Haryanvi Sultan, which only multiplies the entertainment.

Whistle worthy dialogues: From nail biting fights in the ring to romancing in the fields,  some of the dialogues will make you get off the seat and blow that whistle.

Kyunki baby to bass pasand hai!:  Smile, dance, cry, love and scream! Be it Jag Ghoomeya or 440 Volt, Sultan songs will make you feel all the emotions and get into a jig.

The ‘Desi’ magic: The film is based in Haryana and flaunts Haryanvi culture like never seen before in any movie. Desi akhadas and green khets - the locations and setups are truly earthy and a delight to watch.

Wrestling: We see girl power at its best when Anushka Sharma (Aarfa) enters the ring to fight her opponents. Salman Khan underwent major body transformation to play a pehelwan and rise to glory. Don’t you want to see Salman Khan in a langot?

Miss this entertainment packed punch, at your own risk!In case we’ve managed to convince you, book now:

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