Tuesday 14 February 2017

Romantic Songs with Swoon Worthy Lyrics

Have you ever heard a song & went, “BINGO! MY FEELINGS RIGHT NOW"?
It’s incredible how sometimes, music sets a tune to the feelings of our heart.
We sway to it, we are inspired by it, we are connected by it & we are moved by it. This season of love, express the many million emotions to your Valentine with a musical romantic twist! 🎵
Here are some of the unforgettable lyrics that touched our hearts & stayed there, forever. 

      1. When one look is enough to fall in love. 

      2.  Journey with the loved one matters than the destination, doesn’t it? 

        3. You > Everyone 

      4.  Don’t hold back, express your love! 

       5.  Love takes its own time only to stay forever. 

Can’t get enough of romance? Listen to the ultimate mushy anthems here: bit.ly/2kFtDpj