Wednesday 9 August 2017

5 Unforgettable Scenes from 'Chak De! India'

तीजा तेरा रंग था मैं तो
जिया तेरे ढंग से मैं तो,
तू ही था मौला तू ही आन
मौला मेरे ले ले मेरी जान

It was Coach Kabir Khan’s love affair with the country.

Chak De! India pushed the envelope of sports themed film-making to the next level. There was no film made on female athletes before and that was an inspiring enough. As we celebrate the glorious 10 years of the iconic sports film, let’s look at the 5 unforgettable scenes that make the film immortal.

          Sattar Minute
Sometimes, a little motivation goes a long way in achieving the greater things in life. It makes one push harder, not give up and go that extra mile towards their dreams. In the iconic scene called Sattar Minute, coach Kabir Khan inspired the girls to play their best game. Ultimately, it went on to become one of the best motivational speeches for every sportsman across the country.

        The Coach of India
There’s no greater feeling than playing for your country. This powerful scene beautifully depicts the phrase Unity in Diversity and makes us realise that everything comes AFTER your beloved country. Period.

        Saat Saal Baad
Experiencing the plight of losing and being called an anti-nationalist, coach Kabir Khan couldn’t see anything beyond the country, but the girls needed to be united first. His love for the country was blind, as it should be.

Kabir's Challenge
From creating a hockey team from scratch to dreaming about winning the World Cup, the film broke many stereotypes. In this scene, coach Kabir challenged the authorities for he believed in his team’s real strength. Watch him convince the authorities like a BOSS.

Marr Ke Aayenge
The determination of the girls to win was unshakable. The dialogue Marr Ke Aayenge will give you goose bumps, every time you hear it.

Each scene speaks volumes about the love for the country, each scene will make you beam with pride.

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