Wednesday 7 February 2018

The Magic of Love – Valentine’s 2018

LOVE: a four-lettered word which captures indefinite emotions.
A smile from your special one makes your dopamine level go haywire. Words of encouragement from them makes your dark clouds fade away. Their dazzling eyes captivate your dreams. Just their presence makes everything a little bit crazy and calm at the same time. They make you realise your heart IS a hopeless romantic they talk about. Their one hug brightens your day and their name flash on the phone becomes a mood changer.
If you were thinking of someone while reading the above symptoms, then congratulations :D for you are smitten by this magical feeling!  🎶 ऐसी चले जब हवा, इश्क़ हुआ ही हुआ 🎶
This Valentine’s month, let there be प्यारForever

Celebrate this fuzzy feeling with few of the best romantic songs:

Stay crazy, stay in love 😉 

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