Friday, 29 July 2011

Making of the song 'Dil Haara' - Tashan

The song ‘Dil Haara’ featuring Kareena and Saif Ali Khan, was shot in the beautiful island of Milos, Greece. Before the song was shot Saif Ali Khan went holidaying on New Year’s Eve, but even then he was quite the professional actor, and was extremely strict with his diet and fitness regime, keeping his body in shape as required for the shoot.
Saif truly showed his dedication towards work by keeping himself from gaining any extra kilos. Keeping in mind Aditya Chopra's words, Saif came back to the shoot for the song as fit as was before he left for holidays. If Saif would have gained any more kilos during his vacation then the shoot would have taken place in the Mumbai studio, instead of Greece, and te results wouldnt hav been as spectacular as it turned out to be.

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