Thursday, 7 July 2011

Rocket Singh - Salesman Of the Year, Behind The Scenes

Did you know, for the movie, 'Rocket Singh - Sales man of the year', Ranbir started growing his beard a month before the shoot was scheduled. Director Shimit Amin wanted him to look real and authentic, rather than make him wear a false beard. And, before the shoot started, Ranbir used to wear the turban during the rehearsals and readings to get into character. Ranbir used to take 15 minutes to tie the turban. And had professional help for this. Ranbir has worn a total of 69 turbans in the film.

The kada (metal bangle a religious Sikh symbol) that Ranbir wears in the film was brought by Yashji personally from the Golden Temple in Amritsar (Punjab).

"Pocket Mein Rocket" (Music Video) - "ROCKET SINGH - Salesman of the Year"

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