Monday, 25 July 2011

Yash Raj Music release : Kaisi Kategi Zindagi.. Mohd. Rafi

Yash Raj’s latest offering, ‘Kaisi Kategi Zindagi..’, is a musical journey comprising of some incredibly rare gems composed by the late Madan Mohanji. The legendary music composer is best known for his unforgettable music compositions and his songs which have been much celebrated throughout the history of Indian music.

The icing on top of the cake is the fact that the songs have been sung by one of India’s most beloved singers, Mohd. Rafi saab. The release of the album is to commemorate the legendary singer's 31st death anniversary and these ten songs are actually recorded masterpieces, which were unreleased due to the films being stopped midway.

Madan Mohanji and Mohd. Rafi saab created musical history together and provided us with songs like,  ‘Sawan ke mahine mein’, ‘Kar chale hum fida’, ‘Aapke pehloo mein’, ‘Meri awaaz suno’, ‘Tum jo mil gaye ho’, and many more.

This album is another tribute to their genius and talent, and fans and admirers alike will definitely want to include this worthwhile album to their collection.

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  1. Some people are immortal and Md.Rafi Saheb is one among them. Our pranams to Rafi Saheb.