Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Live Video Chat with Kush aka Imran Khan

Ring Ring
Who’s there?
Imran ..
Imran who?
Imran “Kush” Khan

Are you ready to Live Video Chat with Kush AKA Imran Khan?
Yash Raj Films gives the golden opportunity to Video Chat with Imran Khan where he will be LIVE answering and interacting with you.

So be there...
Date: 18th Aug, 2011
Time: 11:00 am
How many of you are excited?


  1. me but i have to go scull...:( :( :(
    but telling you the truth that i wont be asking questions about but about katrina coz i want to meet her but i noe its not possible coz she is too rich but im not rich like her but i want to talk imran so that i can get knowledge about her but its not possible coz i have to go scull
    take care katrina, imran, ali and yrf
    with love aishna garg

  2. There is a revolution going on in the chat room. It is no longer in vogue to remain faceless. The chat rooms have adopted a new face. Video chats are the in-thing if you want your chatting escapades to be interesting and memorable. You get a rare opportunity to chat with a person face to face. Just like you would engage in a conversation physically with a person.

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