Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Kareena Kapoor shoots in the freezing waters of Greece!

The shooting schedule of the movie Tashan was like a marathon without any break. The film was shot in Ladakh, Jaisalmer, Kerala, Haridwar, and Greece. In the song, 'Chhaliya Chhaliya', there is a shot of Kareena coming out of the water. This was shot in Greece where the weather was very cold and the temperature was freezing. The crew was apprehensive about whether Kareena will be able to do the shot or not, but to everyone's surprise she wwnt ahead and gave the perfect shot. And indeed, the results can be seen in the song. 'Chhaliya chhaliya' went on to become the chartbuster of the year and Kareena looked stunning indeed while dancing to the song.

Watch it here! 

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