Sunday, 20 November 2011

Baatein Shuru!

Hey there people..

Monday Blues? Don't feel like working? Looking for excuses to smile?

How about playing a fun contest?

It's actually pretty simple you know! All you have to do is tell us the most whackiest friend request message you've ever sent out on Facebook or the craziest friend request message you've received! 

The best message will get an exclusive Mujhse Fraandship Karoge DVD.. This DVD will have exclusive 1 hour of special features plus a hot bikini scene that is just not available elsewhere.

You could also click on and buy your own personalized copy!

So Ho Jaaye Baatein Shuru! :)


  1. I got this message with friend request before some days :) - ' Your account may be deactivated if you do not accept this friend request so if you want to continue your account click on confirm & enjoy '.

  2. Talking abt when I was a noobe at FB. I sended a friend requests to fake accounts of Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift.. Didn't know that those all were fake..felt like those were the real only :P :P :P

    I messaged like "hey..m a big fan of urz.. hwzz u? Please add me as a friend.. if u do so.. m honoured"

    those days LOL I was too innocent & newbie to this things :P

  3. we a as a you talk to a me so we some thing a comon and we know a we like a about a our talk in a every expect so a firstly i apreciate your friendship and i send you to a friendship request

  4. I was new on FB. I used to act kinda lame at that time. I used to send friend request to any pretty girl although we don't have any single mutual :D

    It happened on April 21, 2010..
    One day I found one beautiful girl on FB, may be she had liked the same fan page which I had liked, I got her there.. n without thinking much I sent a friend request msg saying "Hi..
    I found u in *&^%*$'s fan club.
    I'm his biggest fan so i thought we should also b frnds coz we both like him. n so dat we can share our thoughts.
    so can we b frnds ?"

    OMG !!!
    this looks so damn fnny nw..
    I was suchha retarded at that time..

    N in responce I received a message of her telling me "Umm.. dats pretty lame! -_-"

    Ofcource.. It was lame..
    realizing now..

    ho hua so hua, bt the thing is
    We are really good friends now.. :)

    And I'm nt that wala reatarded guy anymore !! :D

  5. Once there was a frnd request on my FB page it was written lets become frnd my frnd it will be frndly if u accept it frndly wat say frnd kabul hei mera yaarana ?

  6. Couple of days back I have recieved this Wackiest friend request message is..
    If you reject my request, You are called Monkey
    and If you accept my request , You are called Donkey
    What you will love to listen????????

  7. I remember the time I had to add this random girl who my friend liked and wanted to ask out. I had an idea: to kinda have this thing where I was the one who had to get the info out of her so I could tell him her likes and dislikes. So we're mutual friends with that chick, but the dude's from Mumbai and I'm in Dubai, and the chick - well the main story is that she doesn't know me.

    So the story starts, I add her. And she rejects me. So I add her again and start defending myself like Gods of War!

    She simply replied, "i nevr got ne thots..i juz rejectd ur add reqst..coz i hardly add ne unknwn ppl.."

    And then I gave another long-ass paranoid mail again. One month later, she added me, and I ended up falling for her, and the other guy just moved on.

  8. you look preety daam cool plz accept my frnd request sach bolta
    poke kar kar k tang kar dunga...
    Me bol raha hoo. Tu aur me mil k rock kar denge fb pe