Monday, 14 November 2011

Ricky Ki Lucky Ladies Contest - 2 Winners

Hello there ladies..

The wait is FINALLY over... We received numerous entries and some excellent replies to our Ricky Ki Lucky Ladies Contest - 2 and choosing those ten lucky ladies was indeed a difficult task!

The ten ladies, of course, are winning a double bumper offer.

Each of the ten girls can bring along one other lady with them to meet our very own Ricky Bahl aka Ranveer Singh! How AWESOME is that!!!

So without any further delay, we're going to announce the ten lucky ladies who've won 'Ricky Ki Lucky Ladies Contest - 2'. They are -
  1. Komal Kaur Samra
  2. Pritika K
  3. Soniya Rijwhani
  4. Archie Shah
  5. Riddhi Nair
  6. Tora
  7. Varsha Garhwal
  8. Seetha Hariharan
  9. Sarah Hussain
  10. Sonu Lalwani
Congratulations Ladies!

Please send us your contact details at and we will get back to you.

Rules & Regulations:
The meet will happen in Mumbai. If you are unable to make it, new winners will be chosen.
Please note your +1 must be 18 or above

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