Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Ricky Ki Lucky Ladies

Ladiezzzz!!! We have some amazing news for you. Yash Raj Films is overwhelmed with the response and love that you all are showering on Ladies v/s Ricky Bahl..So as a token of gratitude we’ve treated you to the first theatrical trailer of the movie and NOW even better….

We are offering a few selected ladies an exclusive chance to meet Ricky Bahl aka Ranveer Singh! How fantabulous is that? :) But like all good things, it’s not going to be easy and you’re going to have to earn this awesome treat! Don’t worry though, the contest is pretty simple…Here it goes...
Now we all know that Ricky Bahl is a charmer! He’s smooth, he’s convincing and truly irresistible…What if Ricky walks up to you and says “You’re the prettiest lady I’ve ever seen…”

What will you reply?

Give us your most creative answer to him considering you’ll already know what a Casanova he is! 
Rules and Regulations:
Write your answers in the comment section below
Your entries should reach us by 12 noon tomorrow (10 Nov)
No entries will be accepted after that

So go for it ladies!


  1. i wud tel him "dude. m not rhihanna but i still love d way u lie ".

  2. My answer:

    Oh!! Well,you're not bad at all:) Uhmmmm actually, your nose is a little huge and strange and your eyes...have you got something wrong on your eyes?emm no? Your lips are also...forget it! Nothing personal you're just not my type, you know?;)

  3. OHH really, but u havent seen much of me yet ;) there r much pretier thing 2 explore

  4. *SIGH* "You are such a flirt Ricky..."
    lekin kya karu mae bhi hu aadat se majbur...(a big pause)...meri aadat tum jo thehre" (big hug with a big smile)

  5. Wait till you see my Mother,She is Preety Smart than me!!!!!!!

  6. RickS bUdDy u nEed to realize; chEesy Perverted pick-up lines are Absolutely disGusting. but Cute cheesy Pick-up lineS are Absolutely AdorAble. ♥
    Why shoUld Boys Have alL the Fun :P
    u R Kinda clasSy RotTEn Man :P
    A Both Will LoOk eNchanTinG 2GetheR <3 As i am D perfect Match for U :P
    i m ecsTatic :P :)

  7. My reply wud be.. " U too, May be b'coz of ur Hairstyle.. its so beautiful" ;)

  8. ill say i feel stunning
    And entrancing,
    Feel like running and dancing for joy,
    For I'm loved
    By a pretty wonderful boy!

  9. "you caught my eyes too! I haven't seen a man more handsome than you, am sure you are the richest one around too and ready to fetch me stars&moon......but kya karein you are too late as am happily married!"

  10. "Ohh the mirror says the same,but,you must thank my plastic surgeon who gave me this face as am saving myself from the police because of convicted for double murders!"

  11. anuska sharma se milne ke liye offer nikalo
    i m fan of her


  13. "oo well thank you for the lovely compliment but you see iam very bored of hearing this line from almost everyone,everyone just says this my eyes did catch your attention but i never knew such an old pick up line could come from a guy like you i thought you would just do something unique that would just remove the floor from my feet but its okie your the same like alll the other guys so cya later bye.."

  14. I wud say thnx, but it will take more thn this line to flatter everyother guy says the same soh prove me that you are different..

    soh try something new boy..:)

  15. Tumko cheese bohut pasand hain kya ??
    Tum bohut cheesy lines bolte ho! Kuch aur try karo shayad pat jau! *winks*

  16. ''Mr. Bahl, well truly am really really happy that you finally got an appointment wid a good eye specialist!!! But now you need a good language trainer, who'll teach you some more novelistic lines to flatter girls like me!Cause m surely not a girl who's going to fall for a handsome guy saying 'You're beautiful'to me!!! Am really really sorry if I am being rude, but isse kisi silly si ladki ka filmy dialogue mat samajhna! And please Ricky, itna bhi cheese pasand karna achchi baat nahi hai, try something else if u wanna grab some girl!!! Better luck next time!

  17. Just this:

    "Temme something I don't know!"

  18. he is chick magnet and has a lot of female frndz.he usually pushes them around and stuff.he is really social with every girl.he compliment on everthng which ladies do.he charms wwith lot of girls.he is attentive and wwatch every action of wwomen and then reacts cleverely.he makes ladies more interesting in himself by chattng.knows everything abot her in a moment,is she suitable or not 4 him.he is a true player of game in loveline