Monday, 13 February 2012

Are you our YRF Valentine?

Hey guys
Firstly... Heres wishing you a super duper Valentine's Day!!!

Now, we at Yash Raj Films believe in love and we know that love isn't only for couples. Its for every single one of you <3

So here's what we are going to do...

This fan of ours dedicated a super cute heart to us!

Now we are asking you to do the same!

What do you get? Its simple! You get a chance to become our YRF Valentine! and what does our YRF Valentine get? Our YRF Valentine gets a chance to become a star!

Jus post your heart image on our Facebook wall. Whoever gets the maximum likes on his/her image will be featured on our YRF Facebook DP AND will get special gratification from us! We will run this contest for one week!

So are you ready to be our YRF Valentine star???

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