Thursday, 29 March 2012

YRF Ke Khiladis

Yash Raj Films has had its share of Khiladis and its now time for us to give them their dues. In honor of them, we present to you 'YRF Ke Khiladis'.

They are hot, sporty, athletic, adorable and just downright FUN!

Get ready to see all our YRF KHILADIS in one place... 


Its Simple! Vote for your favorite set of khiladis. If the pic you've liked and shared is the one that gets the maximum votes - prepare to win super goodies!

Point System
Likes - 1 point
Shares - 5 points

The winning pic of of the contest will be decided on the basis of Likes+Shares

So are you ready to see our YRF Ke Khiladis?

Game On!

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