Friday, 27 July 2012

Mashallah - Dance Contest

If you think you can dance like our Tiger and Zoya, then send in your entries for Mashallah - Dance Contest

 How to enter the Contest

1) Record your video, dancing on the tunes of Mashallah Song

2) Upload it on your YouTube Channel

3) then to make a video response, click the All Comments box located underneath the video's information

4) A hyperlink on the right of the box called Create a video response will appear — click this link. You will be given two options for choosing your video response

5) Choose a Video

6) Simply go to the upload page and upload the video as usual.

...and you might just be the one to win Ek Tha Tiger Goodies


  1. tiger is back :)

  2. salman you're looking so handsome,,, and yo're diamond heart of bollywood.. :)

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