Monday, 31 March 2014

YRF Pranksters

"Yeh world hai na world…. Is mein do tarah ke log hote hai…. Ek joh hass hass ke sabko hasaate hai…. Aur doosre joh sabko hasaakar khud bhi haste hai"

April is going to be packed with a whole lot of sharaarat, masti, pranks & badmaashi. Want to know why?

Because ‘YRF Pranksters’ is our theme of the month. We bring to the table all of Yash Raj Films movies that have made you laugh till you felt like you had 6 pack abs just like our prank artist Ricky Bahl or who made you realize, it's fun to pull a fast one on your friend just like Rhea and Karan and indulge in a LOT of masti like Nick and Amber!

Burn those calories, and get those 6 pack abs, join us now :

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