Saturday, 31 May 2014

Debutant filmmaker Kanu Behl had started writing ‘Titli’ in 2010

‘Titli’ director and co-writer Kanu Behl on his recent visit to Cannes in order to attend the Cannes Film Festival where his film was screened was caught up by a journalist from Huffington Post. This struck a conversation between them and the journalist, E Nina Rothe ended up interviewing the debutant filmmaker.
Describing Kanu Behl she said, “Soft-spoken, quietly handsome and showing a bit of the title character in both his wit and his mannerism, sitting across from him I understood immediately why I loved the film so much. Because intelligence, hard work and humility always seem to make up the best environment where great art can be created.”

On being asked why he chose ‘Titli’ to be his first film, Kanu Behl revealed that he had started writing the script back in 2010 and it wasn’t supposed to be his first film. He was writing something else and dropped that idea later as it did not satisfy him as neither a writer, nor a director. After taking six months off as Dibakar Banerjee made him realize that he wasn’t doing anything that he was meant to do, Kanu came up with ‘Titli’. That is how ‘Titli’ became Kanu’s debut film.


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