Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Yash Raj Films' Avtar Panesar in Cannes

“Titli, as the title translates to, is a ‘butterfly’ that fluttered violently into my heart, to then take up place tenderly inside my soul,” said reporter E. Nina Rothe from Huffington Post. She felt lucky enough to get a chance to interview Avtar Panesar, Vice President of International Operations, Yash Raj Films. “Naturally, interviewing the kind and intelligent Panesar was priceless insight for me; as reading it will be for any lover of world cinema,” added the interviewer. She came across Mr. Avtar Panesar at the screening of ‘Titli’ in Cannes during the Cannes Film Festival and couldn’t stop herself from interviewing him.

The very first question, the answer to which we all might want to know sprang up – How does Yash Raj Films decide to come into a project like this, an unusual departure from their typical, more popular Hindi film fare? Avtar Panesar calmly replied, “If you know Yash Raj Films you know that the only thing that drives us is first and foremost the creative process. If something creative hits us in the gut, and our chairman and creative head of the company Aditya Chopra, we basically decide to go for it.”

So, this is how ‘Titli’ got its wings strutting straight to the Cannes Film Festival this year!
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