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The iconic characters of the evergreen film – Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

'Bade Bade Deshon Mein Chhotii Chhoti Baatein” hoti rehti hai magar yeh koi chhoti baat nahi hai ki Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge is completing 1000 Weeks on December, 12th, 2014! From iconic dialogues to characters that still live on in our memories, this evergreen film has made a special place in all our hearts. DDLJ has everything that a Bollywood buff would want – Romance, drama and a saga of timeless romance. Let’s take a quick glance at the characters in DDLJ who have left a huge mark on our lives.  

Raj Malhotra

Enter Raj Malhotra who can take your breath away with just his smile! Playing the character of the good-looking Raj Malhotra changed the entire ball game for the unequaled Shah Rukh Khan forever. From playing the mandolin while lovingly looking into his lady love’s eyes to playing soccer in the rain, every girl hopes to meet her andekha anjana sa Raj someday. Many hearts melt when we remember Raj peeking out of the train at the London railway station. A character that established Shah Rukh Khan as the ‘King of Romance’ in Bollywood, we all love Raj!

Simran Singh

Kajol was simply peerless while playing Bollywood’s brown-eyed girl ‘Simran’ or as Raj lovingly called her ‘Senorita’. The actress portrayed the innocence of a young Indian girl who has lived in London all her life very beautifully. The fact that she wanted to travel before she settled down into a family of her own proves a lot about her mindset which was a blend of traditional values as well as a modern mindset.   

Chaudhary Baldev Singh

Probably, one of the most vital characters in DDLJ, the late Amrish Puri played Chaudhary Baldev Singh perfectly! Despite living in London for 22 years, he is still attached to his roots and is a true blue Punjabi at heart. A man of his principles, complete with Indian morals, Chaudhary Baldev Singh makes the perfect ‘Babuji’ – Strict, caring and still very much in love with his daughters.

Dharamvir Malhotra

"Opochi okoka obobi olola” -This sure rings the bell. This phrase signifies the fun relationship Raj shared with his Pops. Dharamvir Malhotra was a fun character played by none other than Anupam Kher. The movie portrayed an amusing father-son relationship between Dharamvir Malhotra and Raj. More than a father, he was a friend to Raj which was rare to see those days. Dharamvir was the trendsetter amongst fathers in the 1990s. It was him who started the drift of taking his son out for drinks and talking about girlfriends. Raj lovingly addressed his father as Pops.

Lajwanti "Lajjo" Singh

The best mother and the perfect wife that anyone could ask for, Lajjo was like any Indian mother. She was emotional and spoke her heart out. Lajjo supported her daughter’s love and also stood by her husband’s decisions. From understanding her daughter’s dreams to going out of her way to make sure her daughter gets to live her life happily, she was an emotional and strong woman.  Farida Jalal played Lajjo effortlessly. 

Rajeshwari Singh aka Chutki

The bond between Chutki and Simran was special. Chutki was a very supporting younger sibling who held up Simran’s love for Raj as she was the first one to understand their love. She was a very smart kid and sensible for her age. People still remember her for her quirky one-liners. “Ms. Lucy hamesha kehti thi…,” this 12 year old girl always had a take on everything with her gyaan.

Kuljeet Singh

Kuljeet Singh was Chaudhary Baldev Singh’s best friend’s son and the guy Simran was supposed to marry. Kuljeet Singh was also known for his passion for hunting in jungles, drinking alcohol and letching at women. He promised Dharamvir Malhotra to enjoy with London wali phool jhadis (slang for hot chicks) after marrying Simran. This character was Parmeet Sethi’s debut into Bollywood. 

Preeti Singh

The first time Mandira Bedi switched from small screen to the big screen, many hearts skipped a beat. This shy Punjabi kudi Preeti was smitten by Raj. She also played the character of a good sister to Kuljeet.

Kammo Kaur

Himani Shivpuri at her best as Kammo Kaur who plays Simran’s bua in DDLJ. She portrayed a mid-aged unmarried woman with perfect comical sense. During the wedding scenes of Simran and Kuljeet, Kammo Bua and Pops aka Dharamvir Malhotra had sparks flying between them.  

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