Thursday, 16 February 2017

5 Jodis That Gave Us Relationship Goals

Bollywood films! They continue to give us all kinds of goals - bromance goals, fashion goals, life goals, sibling goals and of course relationship goals too 
Here are 5 romantic jodis that overcame difficulties & gave us the forever type of love feels. #RelationshipGoals
Current and future bae, please take notes. 
  • Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge 
Falling in love is not enough, Raj and Simran proved us that you need to stand up for the one. Even convince their family, if need might be. If you find an eccentricity as gold as theirs, don’t let it go. Back in 1995, they defined romance for generations to come. Admit it, we all wished for our crushes to palat like Simran did ;) 

  • Band Baaja Baarat 
Infatuation, love or friendship? We all have confused one with the other, Bittoo had too! The adorable couple, Shruti and Bittoo showed us compatibility > everything else. For being a great couple, you need to be a great team, isn’t it? J

  • Ishaqzaade 
Similar attributes, different political parties but love became the middle ground. Circumstances made Parma and Zoya rebels in love and the ultimate Ishaqzaades. Breaking the societal barriers, their extreme affection towards each other had us in tears. They showed us love HAS no barriers. Now pass those tissues, brb crying. 

  • Veer-Zaara
An iconic love story, an iconic couple. There are ones who make promises and then there are the ones who keep them - forever. Veer Pratap Singh said “Sarhad Paar Ek Aisa Shaksh Hai Jo Aapke Liye Apni Jaan Bhi De Dega” and Zaara waited, for 22 years. Difficulties, say what? Their situations divided them, but love united them. After being apart, their reunion scene is nothing less than epic. 

  • Befikre 
The breezy story of Dharam and Shyra gave us not only some serious relationship goals but also friendship goals. Keeping all the “secure” aspects aside, compatibility takes the major cake. They redefined love in their own Befikre way. The formula for a successful relationship is putting compatibility above everything else. 

Sigh. Them. Love stories.
Always so hopelessly beautiful.

So, which one are you watching tonight? 
Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge:


  1. Loved Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge...But I Just Recently Discovered ISHAQZAADE About A Mon the Ago And I've Already Watched It 4 Times And Bought The DVD...Fell Absolutely In Love With Parma & Zoya's Story

    1. Justima you should try Namaste London for once

  2. I loved with your idea how nicely you used famous bollywood jodis and their stories to give us a better way of understanding of what is a relationship goals.I loved all the jodis and their stories that you mention above.Plz mention Bazirao mastani which is also a perfect realtionship based story .Thanks for sharing . Have a great day.

  3. Not just like is awesome jodi of bollywood

  4. It's always be good to see some actors or actress with strong bonding or in relationship because with those feelings they shows good chemistry on the screen to the audience. They were always look amazing in couples costumes as well as. Thanks for sharing this news with us.

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