Tuesday, 28 February 2012

How to win awards and influence juries

How to win awards and influence juries

The answer to the above title? Hell, we wish we knew... 
Otherwise how else would we explain just those 2 and a half nominations.
Across all the 387 film awards that this country has.
We even entered the Oscars from Croatia and were turned down.

But then we came up with a master stroke!
We'll make our own awards.
And we are the sole nominees - so there's no way we can lose.
But guess what? You get to play jury and audience.

Again, we've done away with the same old boring categories of Best Actor/ Actress and more.
We're in fact, even open to you suggesting some fun new categories that you'd wanna watch... 

Take a look... 

Most Absurd Lyrics

Most Outrageous Move

Best One Liners

Most Invisible Cameo

Most Overacting Extra

Best Suiting & Shirting
Best Rona-Dhona Scene

And here's how this works.
We'll be posting a new set of categories/ nominees every day.
Click through the videos and then vote for your favorites.
If your choices/ votes match the final winners - you could even win something - so what if it’s just a lousy t-shirt!

So ladies & gentlemen <drum roll> introducing the first ever… er… Y-Awards!

To participate & catch all the fun, log in to 

You can also take a look at all nomination videos on http://www.youtube.com/ytube

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