Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Yash Raj Films - Celebrating Womanhood

Mother, Sister, Aunt, Grandmother, Wife, Daughter, Friend - These and more are the roles a woman plays every single day of her life.

Everyone has come across one woman they admire, they love and they respect.

Well, we have too. We at Yash Raj Films salute women everywhere - all our fans, all our star cast and all our crew. In an effort to show you just how much we love you, Yash Raj Films has decided to salute women.

Woman's Day just round the corner we have decided to dedicate 8 whole days to showcase to the world just how beautiful, strong and determined they are.

Celebrating Womanhood ... That is what we are calling our festival...

Come, join us in our special celebrations!


  1. Happy women's to all. i want to join.

  2. Actually, I am facing some difficulties to understand the meaning of the blog. If you have any short video film related to your blog, then I would request you to share here. It would be great help.