Monday, 2 June 2014

Ranvir Shorey’s performance in ‘Titli’ wins praise from all quarters

Celebrated writer E.Nina Rothe covered the Cannes Film Festival for Huffington Post had nothing but great things to say about Titli’s star Ranvir Shorey. “Ranvir Shorey represents the best world cinema has to give and Titli, the film in this year's 'Un Certain Regard' section in which he plays one of his complex yet captivating characters, was dark, deep, unusual and entertaining”.

“Titli in its core is a family drama, a family which is far darker in its portrayal that our movies usually tend to show.It’s realistic and gritty portrayal of a crime family living in the slums of Delhi has won praise from all quarters. Titli explores patriarchy; it explores the passing down of the affliction, generation to generation, sibling to sibling. And it's dark, it's upsetting and it’s something we aren’t used to as audience, but the factor of redeeming oneself is the major theme of this story,” she says.

“Titli is the story of a family we either know or have been a part of. It addresses the problems we have never been able to acknowledge. That’s what the beauty of this movie is and that’s what has made it the critics favourite at the Cannes Film Festival,” she ends the article on a promising note.


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