Wednesday, 2 July 2014

'I AM MARDAANI' Blogger Contest

She used her wit at the right place and at the right time! 
She fought against all odds and brought a change.
She earned the rightful title.  

To those women who stood for themselves, inspired a movement and rescued the weak, we salute you!
Need an inspiration? Watch the trailer of Mardaani, story of a female Police Officer who fought against all odds -

Rani Mukherji herself has got a word to say to you -

Pen down stories of the Mardaanis you have met in your life and stand a chance to meet Rani Mukerji. 

Authenticity Wins -
All interesting stories will be hosted on Yash Raj Films' platforms and your entries will be judged based on its originality, authenticity and bravery.To get an edge, add a photo of the Mardaani you've written about holding a placard that says 'I AM MARDAANI'.

50 Early Birds get Mardaani Movie Merchandise

 To submit your entries visit -

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