Wednesday, 2 July 2014

YRF Junoon

Passion is the fuel that ignites your soul. Take it from Kabir Khan, whose eyes shine with pride when his team hits the winning goal, or from Akira who is so filled with passion that she wants every minute in her life to count.

Yash Raj Films has always been driven by ‘Passion…Junoon’ which is portrayed in most of their films. From a car racer in Ta Ra Rum Pum to a businessman in Rocket Singh! YRF has always had a jazba of making movies that instill in the audience that it’s perfectly alright to be passionate about something, and follow the path you love.

July will be dedicated to the creation of such films that have shown us the JUNOON to take on the path we love.

Join us in the celebration of this Junoon on –

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