Wednesday, 9 September 2015

7 types of friends we all have in our lives

Be it a trip to La La Land or going on a selfie spree, good friends don't let you do crazy things... alone. But when it comes to categorizing our friend circle, admit it or not, each one belongs to a certain type. Well, we have made it easier for you with this comprehensive list. Check out, which one do we belong to?

1) The perpetual plan maker
This type was born to make plans. Birthday plan, Valentine’s Day plan, vacation plan or break up plan, he has one for every occasion.

2) Oh, I am dead drop gorgeous
Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the prettiest of all? The one who believes they are the undisputed 'King/Queen of Selfies' & the Instagram filters are only meant for the not-so-good looking lot.

3) The Live wire
The life of the party. His sense of humor, his antics and also his charm is simply irresistible.

4) The ever so sacrificing queen
Friendship is all about sacrifices. Be it food or love, they are ready to sacrifice anything for friends. Say, there is a last minute change in your hangout plans, while others will do the all the cribbing, this type will not sulk or complain but will silently adjust to everything, no matter what.

5) The PJ King
This one is the entertainer of the group. You can love them, hate them but ignore... impossible.

6) The foodie friend
Food lover. Forever hungry. Their conversations, hangout plans, solution for just about everything…revolves in and about food.

7) Jugaadu
“Do not fear...when I am here” is their perpetual mantra.  This type offers a jugaadu solution for every problem. At times, a problem solver and at times their not – so – cool solution might land you into a bigger problem. So, Beware!

You ask, how would life be without them? Well, the answer is BORING! So, let each day be a Happy Friendship Day!

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