Monday, 5 October 2015

Yashji Forever: The Legend Lives On

Think Romance! Think Yash Chopra. He’s the man who made us believe in romance, unconditional love & lots more. Let’s look back at some of his rare pictures.

Love is in the air, you thought. But over the years, his films became synonyms with love & romance.He created masterpieces in the genre of romance that have carved a special place in our hearts forever.

An exemplary film maker that he was, completely revolutionized the scenario of Indian Cinema.

The maverick was gifted with a unique visual aesthetic sense & translated every bit of it with sheer passion & brilliance on screen.

He  didn’t follow stereotypes. He followed his dreams and made films he believed in. Some that were touted to be way ahead of its time, now fall in the category of evergreen & cult movies.

Yashji worked his magic behind the camera, and influenced every film-maker for generations to come.

We love you, Yashji! 

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