Thursday, 19 November 2015

9 Things people who live & love music will relate to

Play, pause, stop or rewind, music transports you into another world altogether. For all music lovers, #MusicBeats reflects your heart.  We look at 9 things, every music lover will relate to, almost.

1. When at loss of words, you find it easier to express through music. A love proposal too becomes easier with your favourite song. 

2. At times, you’ re so engrossed in your favourite song that you start imagining yourself in the music video. Admit it, every time you heard Kamli, you imagined yourself pulling off those stunning acrobatic stunts just like Katrina Kaif. 

3. If you love a particular song, you listen to it on loop, all day long. Such is your obsession.

4. The obsession doesn’t stop there. If anyone gets the lyrics of your favourite song wrong, you take personal offence.

5. Your music love also gets the singer out of you. To be a precise, a performer.  You try to get the musical notes, the attitude, the expressions etc. just about everything right.

6. When you put on the headphones, you literally cut off from the world.

7. When in love, you are love-struck with every romantic song & while going through a bad break up, you just end up playing all the break up songs, harping on all the memories spent with your loved one.

8. When the DJ plays your favourite song, your happiness level shoots up & you can’t stop to flaunt your moves. 

9. And if you find someone with a mutual taste in music, it’s an unmatched joy! 

There is nothing like too much of music. Let the music play & let your life never miss beat!