Thursday, 4 August 2011

How to do the Dabanngg step

So have you been wondering how Imran perfected Salman's iconic belt-loop step in the title track from Mere Brother Ki Dulhan as well? Well, we just found out the secret, and here it is!!!

Turns out it's just a matter of six simple, easy-to-follow steps! This drawing has been made by our very own budding young artist, Sonu, who's just 9 years old!

1. Square your shoulders, put a wide smile on your face and get ready to do the Dabangg step.
2. Put hands on belt and loop thumbs through belt loops.
3. Pull right loop up and left loop down at the same time.
4. Repeat step by doing the same the other way with the belt loops.
5. Move from side to side and keep repeating step.
6. And you're rocking the move!!!! Congratulations!!

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